Well, well, well..

December 18, 2013

Here we are again friends, another year rolling over. It’s a strange sensation, stepping into the future. Like walking into a forest that gradually gets shadier and more isolated; so gradually that it’s very hard to say at exactly what point you’ve left the plains and entered the forest.

Enter the Forest
Well we are where we are anyway and there’s no sense in turning back that I can see… Carry On has been out about a year now and what a year it was. I think I must have spent about a month off the road total. Spent plenty of time in the UK including an extensive and somewhat psychedelic tour of the many Summer festivals there, two tours of Australia, one sunny tour of Italy on 10 euros a week, and many passes of the US and Canada, carried on most by the Short Bus Melinda who held up famously and provided a bed and shelter across many thousands of miles. It was FUN, thanks in no small part to all of you out there at the shows and radio stations and mud pits and green lawns and dust. And also to all the musicians and bands and animals I’ve been traveling with. Many thanks and may the force be with you all. 
As the year winds down I am thinking towards next year. The first shards of song have begun to descend from the wreckage of miles and mystery and bewilderment and hope and cynicism and beauty. As they come I don’t plan to leave the road, just to slow down the pace a little so I can have some time in each zip code to start harvesting. I’m headed to California in January then with any luck making my way into Mexico. 
Start Harvesting
It seems pretty crazy out there from what I can see. Let’s try our best to not get crushed by sheer quantity of fact and conjecture alone at least. The river of information is beautiful and hypnotizing. The plates are shifting. Look sharp, step light and learn. Good luck and godspeed.